Acupressure Wooden Foot Roller – 6 Roller, Wooden Touch

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Acupressure Wooden Foot Roller Massager For Pain & Stress Relief Foot relaxation and pain relief. Press your foot over the roller daily for 5-10 minutes and warm up your leg. The roller is a useful device used to stimulate the Acupressure points in the feet.

SELF-MASSAGER The smooth wheels on this massager make it easy to move back and forth. It can dig in deep to provide muscle relief. Increases circulation to sore & tight muscles. Speeds up muscle recovery. improve blood circulation & release energy blocks.

QUALITY MASSAGE TOOL FOR MUSCLE RELIEF Made out of finely grained wood, this massager can assist in providing deep tissue massage to your body for total body relaxation. Gives you a soothing massage in the leg, back, and neck. Provide a natural method of relaxation and a soothing way.

PERFECT MASSAGER FOR LEGS Handle made of finely textured wood provides a stable base for you to grip. For reflexology or relief from strain and pain, used to massage the back, shoulder, and foot.


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