Vastu for House

Home is a place to relax, rest, and spend time with your family. It’s a place where we share many happy memories and heartfelt moments with our loved ones.

Vastu for home is a collective approach, which means that if you conduct Vastu for all rooms and parts of a house, the entire house will be Vastu compliant.

But, before you start learning how to do Vastu for your home in simple and straightforward steps, you must know What is Vastu Shastra. If you do know the basics of it then you can continue to read forward.

What does Vastu for house involve?

Vastu’s based on Mother and Father Energy which Dr.Ravindra Jain calls Maa & Faa Energy. From the North direction, Mother Energy flows, and from East flows the Father Energy. Now, these are the main points to know about the Vaastu for home.

  • Right directions for Entrance, Kitchen, Bathroom & Bedroom
  • Correct placement of cooking stove, refrigerator, and water taps
  • And various other things that are to be placed in the right directions.

One thing to note is, there is no 100% Vaastu in today's world.

It all depends on what you can make right.

So, how can you take care of Vastu of home?

These are the few pointers which you need to take into consideration.

  • No structural cuts in North-East and South-West Corners.
  • No toilets in North & East
  • No tanks or dump holes in South-West
  • No weights near North-East.
  • Entrance should not be near South-West Corners
  • Water & Water Tanks should not be kept in South-East Corners

Following these points or keeping a note of these points before buying or renting a house will help you solve most of the major Vaastu Problem / Negative Effects. But there are many other aspects which affect the Vastu for house or shop or office. Always taking advice from a professional is recommended.

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