How To Attract Money With Vastu?

Vastu Shastra can improve not only people’s lives but also attract money into the home or business; minor improvements made in accordance with this proven Vastu science result in tremendous gains in the long run.

Vastu for money, on the other hand, should not be considered a substitute for hard work and sensible saving and investment instruments such as bank savings accounts or stock and mutual fund purchases.

The greatest approach to handling your money is to get financial guidance from professionals who can provide the best financial programs for you; nonetheless, Vastu is the last switch that safeguards your money.

Vastu shastra assures that a property or business has no financial losses. It also gives someone the ability to make better financial judgments.

Although Vastu for money is necessary for everyone, consider the following questions before choosing if it is necessary for you.

  • Are you having trouble paying off your debts?
  • Is your business being harmed just as a result of regular cash shortages?
  • Are your clients failing to pay you on time?
  • Are you unable to freely spend money on your family?
  • Do you ever see money go for no apparent reason?
  • Is your money (or income) coming in at a slow pace?
  • Do you believe your outgoings exceed your inflows?
  • Are you having the same money problems month after month?

If you responded “yes” to at least one of the questions, it’s time to think about Vastu guidance for money as an option.

There are many money-saving Vastu tips, but before applying any of them, you should consult an expert or consultant. Because each person is unique and lives in a distinct place, a Vastu Tip that works for one person may have no effect on another.

The following are some of the most common Vastu tips for attracting money:

  • All leaking pipes, taps, and faucets should be replaced or repaired. Water leakage from pipes and faucets signifies a financial loss.
  • Purple is the hue of money according to Vastu. Planting purple-colored plants in your home or business is thought to attract riches. The same effect may be achieved by placing a money plant in a purple planter.
  • A house or office’s main entrance door must be Vastu compliant in order to increase the positive energy in the space.
  • If your Saraswathi sthan has a flaw, it will have an indirect impact on your business growth and wealth production.
  • If your firm continues to lose money, 66 percent of your home’s Udyog sthan would be negatively impacted.
  • Cash and jewels are kept in a cash locker at home and at work. Keep the cash box away from a spotlight or a focal light. There is also a proper location for the box to be kept. If the cashbox is kept in a cabinet, the cabinet must open in a specific way.
  • A well-kept fish aquarium with healthy fish is thought to be beneficial to wealth production. Money’s energy is symbolized by the movement of the fish.
  • It is said that if the cash box is kept in front of a mirror, the money in the cashbox will double.
  • Keep a bird feeder on your balcony or outside your window. It aids in attracting funds from all sides.
  • Keep the windows clean since dirt obstructs money flow.

These are some of the most prevalent ways to use Vastu to make money. Contact Vastu Experts at Dr.Ravi’sMAVC for more information on applying Vastu in your house or office.

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