Vastu Can Help You Control Your ANGER

Anger is a healthy and natural emotion. Anger has power, but there are both negative and positive ways to handle it. Getting furious is natural, but it can be difficult to control when it spirals out of control, affecting all parts of one’s life, including family and work.

Don’t allow anger dominate you; if it does, it won’t matter how many times we tell ourselves that becoming angry is bad; when the feeling arises, it will spiral out of control. We’ve been advised not to become angry, but we don’t know what to do if it occurs. One of the most effective strategies to deal with rage is to stay calm from the inside out.

Around you, a good mix of Panch Maha-Boota (5 elements) can help you build a harmony that will help you ease your wrath. A good Vastu in your home or office will generate a peaceful and harmonious environment. A Vastu expert can advise you on your favourable directions and colours based on your date of birth, which you can use to assist you manage your anger.

So, how can Vastu help you control your Anger?


Keep fresh flowers or incense sticks on hand at all times. Make sure the room isn’t filled with incense smoke if you’re using incense sticks.


Sleep in the direction that is most beneficial to you. It aids in getting a good night’s sleep, which is necessary for chakra balance.


Place a salt rack in each of the room’s corners. This is especially beneficial during rainy seasons since the salt rock absorbs extra moisture and cleanses the air, resulting in a healthier environment.


Exhale for a longer period of time than you inhale, and relax as you do so. By focusing and concentrating on our breathing, we are integrating and combining the mind and body in our inner consciousness with the breath, which activates the breathing chakra.


Do not overcrowd your home. Problems with moving within the home can elicit a rage. Keep old things out of the house because they obstruct the flow of energy. A large residence allows for the free flow of energy and improves one’s mood.


If you’re looking to buy a house, be sure there are no mobile towers or electrical transformers nearby. The presence of mobile towers irritates the mind. If you already have these gadgets in your home, seek the advice of a Vastu specialist and request correct Vastu solutions.

Balancing the energies within you and in your environment can help you stay peaceful and happy, and Vastu can help you do that. Vastu manages the energies in our surrounds and homes, and if properly applied, it will adjust these energies to ensure that our internal energy flow is at its best.

According to Dr.Ravindra Jain, the lesson on anger management starts at home, besides all the other self-help techniques that one can use for momentary control of anger. Vastu remedies as suggested by Dr.Ravindra Jain has a long term effect on the anger management.

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